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he world of Nightmare Creatures is divided up into 16 different levels and 4 Boss areas. The levels in Nightmare Creatures are real places and have been created via London maps made around the time of the game. The levels progress to different sections of Victorian London as your character proceeds to hunt after the evil Adam Crowley. To the right is a list of the levels and the order they appear in the game.
1. Chelsea
2. Spitalfield
3. Boss Area: Sewer Entrance
4. Thames Tunnel
5. India Docks
6. Highgate Cemetery
7. Hampstead Heath
8. Queenhite Docks
9. City
10. Smithfield
11. Boss Area: Abandoned Church
12. Regent's Canal
13. London Zoo
14. Marylbone
15. Bloomsbury
16. Pimlico
17. Boss Area: Burning Warehouse
18. Westminster
19. Westminster II
20. Boss Area: The Roofs